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We provide opportunites for children at the age of curiosity to explore and interact with the environment and each other


To bring about efficient and effective education service delivery through enhanced programme of study that is aimed at nurturing, developing and raising a generation of children with strong moral and ethical values that propelled academic excellence whether in the Arts or Science and Technology..


To be recognized as an excellent education provider that equip the child with excellent academic and skills acquisition backed with good ethical and moral values that would make them relevant in today’s world.


To produce well rounded and responsible individuals equipped with the requisite knowledge and skills as well as values that would make them able to face the challenge of the 21st century in a globalized world.

Our Goal

To adequately prepare students for life through improved capacity building that draws on the power of emerging technologies that can best deliver our combine curricula for academic excellence and empowerment for self-reliance and global relevance.


Lyncrest was conceived to make students unleashed their potentials. To this end all our students are fully integrated into student life immediately they enter our welcoming school environment.

Orientation programme is organized for them to make them feel loved and to expose them. Indeed student service at Lyncrest will achieve the matrix standard that reflects the high quality of all our services

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Our School

We intend to train employable youths by providing them with the opportunity to enhance their employ-ability in the future. To achieve that desire, we run a combine international and Nigeria curricula, and write international exams in order to give our student an edge and widen their admission opportunities into educational institution both within and outside Nigeria.


We have a safe and cozy envirnment with colorful, child size and child friendly equipment

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We provide opportunity for children at the age of curiosity to explore and interact with the environment and also with each other

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A personal tutorial and mentoring system is part of the lyncrest hallmark for excellence

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We are backed by tested hands and well motivated faculty and our teachers are experienced, tested and committed

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